A Participant Story

"This study gave acknowledgement and existence to my aborted child, peace, healing and a purpose to my life.  I still have pain from the loss of aborting my child but I know now that I can turn to God and his word for comfort when these emotions come.  I want everyone out there to know there is hope, there is healing, there is forgiveness through God and this bible study can show you that".


"This study has allowed me to experience my two abortions from a place of healing and forgiveness rather than shame and fear.  I was able to honor my babies, love them, receive forgiveness, learn why I chose abortion, and truly have been freed from the burden of shame and guilt".           


I have experienced the following in my life and at times,  some were debilitating.  Guilt, emotionally numb, shame, sorrow, unexplained grief and sadness, unworthiness, self-condemnation, anger, depression, confusion, hopelessness, helplessness, panic, self-hatred, feelings of abandonment and rejection, horror, fears of failure, crying spells, alcoholism, eating disorders, self-degrading behavior, promiscuity, failed marriages, suicidal thoughts and attempts, tolerance of abuse, difficulty with intimacy.  Through the study and with God's grace and mercy, I was able to connect with my babies with love and for the first time, I can see how God has cared for the babies in heaven.  He has forgiven me for my sins, and I am a new creature in Christ...this study is filled with God's healing words. I'm grateful for the center and leaders who opened their door and hearts".


                   actual Study participant testimonies

If abortion has left you broken, we can help you discover peace and healing. 

Abortion affects everyone differently. 

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms,

you are not alone.

* Emotional deadening

*Increased tendency toward anger or rage

*Feelings of lonliness or isolation

*Lower self-confidence than usual

*Suffering from insomnia or nightmares

*Greater difficulty in maintaining or developing relationships

*Increased or beginning use of drugs or alcohol

*Guilt & Depressions


Our next classes begin:

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February 21st @9:30am held at Church of Denver

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*There is no cost to attend.  *All curriculum is provided.  *Each session is 12 weeks and limited to 4 participants



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