Save The Storks SCORE!

On September 5th, Karen, India and I traveled to Atlanta for National Care Net Conference. After our sessions we were invited to a Save The Storks Affiliate dinner at Pittypat's Porch, downtown. Our meal was fabulous and to be in the company of other center staff that have added Mobile Medical Services was a God-send. After our meal, a drawing was held for prizes. Low and Behold, God blessed our Center once again as my name was drawn for the second drawing and we received a BIG check for $3000! Perfect Timing as ALWAYS. You see, our conference expenses were initially budgeted because our State HHS grant was approved to cover CareNet Conference expenses. Unfortunately, after a scathing article by ReWire, the Department of Health and Human Services removed all expenses pertaining to CareNet and Heartbeats International. Due to timing, I could not cancel the conference registration without losing 50% of our total costs. So, we headed to Atlanta to fill up with as much information as possible and hope we made budget anyway. I want you all to know, the monies God gave us through Save the Storks was the exact amount we needed to cover our Conference expenses! We serve a mighty God who watches out for His children and blesses obedience to His will. Join me in Praising God the Father, Christ Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit that moves among us. To God be the glory.

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