Conference, Conference, Conference!

So the past few weeks have been amazing. I attended the CareNet National Conference in Atlanta where I received my certificate for serving as director for 15 years! Karen, India and I learned about client care and serving with integrity. Then I headed to Colorado Springs for a week long intensive conference called "Flyway" with Save the Storks. This was an incredible experience meeting directors from across the US, learning from top-notch ministry and business leaders and learning how to take our ministry up a notch by always striving for excellence. (I also got to learn to rock climb!) Woot! Woot! Don't forget, our Bus comes in February. Watch this blog for updates. Then it was up to Black Mountain for State conference. This year we took 8 ladies (staff, volunteers and board members). We learned about encouraging fatherhood and serving the abortion-minded woman. As our staff increases, our services expand and our reach extends - please pray for unity, clarity and resolve. Our little center is growing up and God is blessing our efforts exceedingly and abundantly. Stay tuned and hold on tight - this ride is about to get bumpy. Together we are making an impact. Touching Hearts and Saving Lives!

Flyway Conference Colorado

Care Net Conference 15 Year Directors!

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