WHY Ultrasound?

The PCC is going Medical and will be offering FREE Ultrasound...so, what's the Big Deal?

4 out of 5 women who see their baby and hear the heartbeat via Ultrasound, CHOOSE LIFE!

In 2019, we will be medically compliant to offer Limited Ultrasound.

What does that mean?

Limited Ultrasound is an ultrasound performed between 7 - 15 weeks gestation.

Why offer Limited Ultrasound?

To determine the baby due date

To determine the viability of the baby

To determine the baby is in the uterus (not ectopic or elsewhere)

How does Limited Ultrasound benefit the mother?

Determines eligibility of County social services

Enables mom to apply for Medicaid (with a due date)

Encourages early prenatal care

Assures mom of viable pregnancy and stage of pregnancy

Gives mom a connection with her child

How much does an Ultrasound cost?

The average cost of an Ultrasound is around $300. BUT, at the PCC all costs are covered!

Thanks to all of our YOU, every penny of the Ultrasound cost is covered for our clients. That includes our nursing staff, facility, equipment and supplies. Each time you give to the PCC you are giving to that next Ultrasound appointment, offering Truth - Education - Encouragement. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this Life Saving ministry! Crystal, ED

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