The Gift that keeps on Giving

This past week as we were 'snowed in' (yes to all you northerners - this is what a Southern snowed-in looks like) watching my boys - now men - playing in the snow, I began to reminisce of Christmas' past. Christmas looks a lot different with grown children. For starters the gifts are not nearly as fun to purchase, or play with once opened. Thinking of those smiles, I scurried into the attic and pulled down the slot racing set Santa brought many years ago. We set up the track and after a lot of cleaning and oiling we were carried back in time as we raced the 1 and ONLY car that wasn't dry rotted! One of the cars actually crumbled in my husbands hand. Yes, time had taken its toll on the plastic. And while we all had a good laugh as one by one the cars literally burned rubber to the point of NO TIRES remaining, there was a great life lesson occurring before our eyes. No thing in this life is forever. What's here today can easily be gone tomorrow. But notice I didn't say nothing. There are some things we can do that stand the test of time here on earth.

1. Love one another. People will never forget how well you loved them. At the PCC, our goal is love all of our clients well. To show them what unconditional love is, and to point them to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. John 15:13 tells us, "Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends".

2. Share the Gospel. If you can reach just one person with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, you have made an impact that not only stands the test of time on this earth, but lasts for eternity in Heaven.

The staff and volunteers at Heartbeats are committed to sharing the Gospel with every person that comes to the center for help.

As we celebrate the birth of Christ this year, let us remember that Christmas gifts of toys and clothes are fun and often times needed, but the best gifts you can give someone are genuine Love and Conversation about the life, death and resurrection of Christ. I pray you are blessed this Christmas with the opportunity to share Love AND Christ. Merry Christmas!

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