Alison Pelphrey

FSF Leader,Pursuit Church


This is Allison Pelphrey. She leads a class at Pursuit Church. Allison has been teaching Forgiven and Set Free through Heartbeats since January 2019.

Leslie Weimer

FSF Leader, Pursuit Church


This is Leslie Weimer. She has been teaching Forgiven and Set Free since January of 2019. She teaches at Pursuit Church.

Carlyn Orndorff

FSF Leader, Denver Baptist Church


This is Carlyn Orndorff. She leads the Forgiven and Set Free class at Denver Baptist Church. She has been teaching since September 2019.

Wesley Norman

FSF Leader, Church of Denver


This is Wesley Norman. She has been teaching Forgiven and Set Free since 2014. She teaches at the Church of Denver.

Ivy Runyan

FSF Leader, Church of Denver


This is Ivy Runyan. She teaches at Church of Denver. Ivy has been an FSF Leader through Heartbeats since February 2018.